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It's Not About Me

It's Not About Me

Michelle Sutton is the Volunteer Officer on the ACFW Board, an edgy fiction writer, book reviewer, avid blogger/alliance member, web designer, wife, marketing director, mother of two teens, social worker by trade, and follower of Jesus Christ. 

Best known for her numerous Edgy Author review sites and Edgy Christian Fiction Lovers groups, she also gives away two books a week on her blog and posts numerous reviews on

Her novel, It's Not About Me, can be ordered now on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, and

Dear Reader,

The holidays are almost upon us and we are already publishing our fifth issue! Where has the time gone? This past month of October, CFOM has had over 6,000 visitors and more than 10,000 page loads. We have some changes this month that are noteworthy. The Ask Ashley column will be retiring. Ashley is so busy that she has to say goodbye. She wanted you all to know she enjoyed giving advice to her readers but it's time for her to move on. The Teen column is also taking a hiatus and may or may not be back depending on what we decide.

If you read last month's issue then you saw that we've added the Publisher's Choice column. This is where Bonnie decides on a random person or subject to focus on that month. So if someone comes along with something noteworthy to tell or if she just likes them a lot and thinks you will like them too, then check out the column to see what has her so jazzed.

And don't forget that if you have a column you really enjoy, make sure to read it every month. We ARE keeping track of how many people read each column.

Another new column coming this month is Book Videos. If you want to see the best movie trailers in the biz and find out how the authors created them, this is a page you'll want to frequent. Trailers by Ginger Garrett, Grace Bridges, Diann Mills, and Jill Elizabeth Nelson are just a few of the ones that will be featured. So if you have an interesting book video, let us know and we may find a spot for you in 2009.

Last, Jim Rubart, an advertising whiz and expert in how to get the word out about fiction will be heading up a column in January 2009 called "Quantum Marketing". It even sounds ominous, doesn't it? But he will take the scary mask off of marketing and reveal stuff that all people who are trying to get the word out about Christian fiction will need to know. He also has great insight and a fabulous sense of humor, so his column will be a hit. Guaranteed. For a sample of his style see his column titled "Go for Broca" in the July issue of CFOM.

Do you have anything you'd like to see in future issues of CFOM? Bonnie and I want to hear from our readers, so drop us a note by going to the About Us link at the bottom of any page and fill out the form. We're looking forward to your feedback.

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