Wynn-Wynn Media
Tyson Wynn

Wynn-Wynn Media was formed in 2001 by Jeane Wynn and her husband, Tyson. Jeane, with a degree in communications, began in publishing in 1989 with NavPress. She has worked in various positions in publishing, from sales to marketing, with such companies as WaterBrook Press and Honor Books. Tyson Wynn holds an English degree and has a background in radio and television. Tyson, a former pastor, currently serves on the executive committees of his local Baptist association and Baptist camp and on the board of directors of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, where he chairs the public relations workgroup. The Wynn-Wynn Media vision is a combination of the Wynns' love for good books and their understanding of all aspects of publishing, from acquisition to editorial to marketing to sales. The goal at Wynn-Wynn Media is integrity, creativity, deliberation, and consistency every day for every client.

Win-Win for Wynn-Wynn

Christian Fiction Online Magazine is celebrating its one-year anniversary. We were honored to have contributed the first publicity column in the ezine a year ago, and we want to take this opportunity to congratulate Bonnie Calhoun, Michelle Sutton, Erin Brown, and Pamela Morrisson for their great success. We appreciate their continual efforts to make readers aware of the very best in Christian fiction.

It just so happens that Wynn-Wynn Media is also celebrating a milestone: our eighth anniversary. We began in 2001 in a small upstairs room of the tiny house we occupied. We started with one retainer in September. By the next February, we had been hired by a major publisher to publicize five books, and we have never looked back. God has truly blessed our efforts, and we cannot express our thankfulness enough.

We began promoting fiction because we really didn’t know we weren’t supposed to do so. At that time, Christina fiction was not what it has become, and its promotion was often not a priority. Internet coverage was just beginning to emerge, and social media was almost a decade in the future. Often, publicity opportunities for fiction titles were limited to print reviews in trade journals. But we jumped in with both feet anyway and started doing fiction promotion as enthusiastically as nonfiction publicity. We could not have been more blissful in our ignorance. And it was a very good thing.

In the past eight years, we have been privileged to work with many superb and gifted authors, such as Terri Blackstock, Lisa Bergren, Davis Bunn, Melody Carlson, Colleen Coble, Robert Elmer, Robin Jones Gunn, Liz Curtis Higgs, Denise Hunter, Neta Jackson, Karen Kingsbury, Lisa Samson, Lauraine Snelling, and Cindy Woodsmall, among others. It has been our extreme pleasure to work with many of these outstanding authors multiple times. By way of example, we recently contracted for our eleventh Melody Carlson title.

We also find it thrilling to represent up-and-comers who fiction lovers would do well to watch. Working with talents like Marcy Alborghetti, Ariel Allison, Christina Berry, Judy Christie, Annalisa Daughety, Tina Ann Forkner, and Patti Lacy, among others, has made us continually marvel at the gift of story that God has distributed among His people.

And while we’re marveling at our great God, we’ll give you a littleJeane Wynn deep background on Wynn-Wynn Media. We have always run the business out of spare bedrooms. We’ve moved to different houses along the way, each time getting a little more space in which to work, but we have always worked from our home. It’s been grand, and we have enjoyed it tremendously. But, as we celebrate our eighth year of business this month, we are happy to share with our friends and clients that Wynn-Wynn Media got its own office space for its birthday.

As of last Monday, Wynn-Wynn Media is operating from Commercial Street in Welch, Oklahoma, our hometown. We are in a storefront on Welch’s main street that was an auto parts store from post-WWII through my years here as a child. A copy of a 1915 Welch Watchman newspaper we were shown this week includes a picture of the W. S. Dowell Department Store, which we believe is what our building originally was.

Welch WatchamnJeane and I are both from Welch. Both of our parents still live here. In fact, her folks live on one side of the Baptist church and mine live on the other. We love our hometown, and we have always hoped we could come back here someday. That someday is now, all due to technological advances that have brought high-speed Internet to rural America, something very much not available eight years ago.

As much as our love for this place has brought us back here, there’s a bigger reason for our return. Jeane’s parents are 83 and 86. Their minds are sharp as ever, but as they age, they need some physical help from time to time. They certainly aren’t disabled, but they are at the point they need some occasional help. Their friends and neighbors have been invaluable help over the last few years, driving them to doctors’ appointments, on shopping trips, and to run errands. But we recognize there’s a time when family has to do its job, and we’re thrilled that we are able to help out.

Her parents have a huge old house, built in 1913, that has an upstairs that has been unused for years. We will live there, gradually remodeling our area. That way they’ll have someone with them at night, which is their most pressing need, and we’ll be able to better serve our clients from our new offices, in which we finally have the space to spread out and have a place for everything. So far as we can tell, this is a win-win for all involved, and that’s something we can’t pass up at Wynn-Wynn Media. We look forward to many more years of serving our friends and clients from main street in our hometown.