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Michelle Sutton 

Michelle Sutton is Editor in Chief of Christian Fiction Online magazine, a member of ACFW, an edgy fiction writer, book reviewer, avid blogger/alliance member, web designer, wife, marketing director, mother of two teens, social worker by trade, and follower of Jesus Christ. Best known for her numerous Edgy Author review sites and her Edgy Christian Fiction Lovers groups, she also gives away two books per week on her blog and posts numerous reviews on

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Coming up next month, Christian Fiction Online Magazine offers a variety of talented columnists and interesting topics.

Introducing October’s issue:

My Editor’s Spotlight is on author Deeanne Gist. I thoroughly enjoyed her first book, A Bride Most Begrudging, and have read every book she’s published since. She has a great story to share about her writing journey.

In Publisher’s Choice, Bonnie introduces Kelly Mortimer and her new organization, Christian Media Association. Check it out!

Our cover author-interviewee for the October issue is the amazing, talented, edgy, and award-winning Lisa Samson. When I grow up I want to write like her! I’m sure you will enjoy reading her interview to find out what she has to say about Christian fiction and her life as an author.

CFOM’ s snarky columnist Michelle Levigne rants on popular fiction in Fiction Rants. Her October column is titled Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. What? You’ll have to read her column to find out her thoughts about this strange story, so stop by and read her take on it.

Randy Ingermanson, aka Randy Rooney, writes a column titled Insta-brandomatic. In this humorous column, Sam the Plumber brands writers.” Ouch! Read this column for a belly laugh as Sam just keeps getting crazier and crazier.

Our not-at-all-humble fiction etiquette columnist, Jan Flanders, answers the question one of her readers asks: Why are Amish and Vampire fiction expanding in the CBA marketplace? Stop by and read Ms. Flanders’s bizarre Southern take on things.

In Making a Scene, columnist and best-selling author Brandilyn Collins shares a different type of lesson in October. It’s titled A Compelling First Page. Stop by and take notes from a master craftsman who will be using an actual first-page example of a manuscript for her lesson.

Real Life Is Stranger columnist, Trish Perry, pens another hilarious elaboration of a story taken straight from the news. This one is titled Can Your Superhero Beat This? Trish retells another true-to-life story and puts a funny fiction twist on things.

This month Nora St. Laurent, our Book Clubs columnist, shares a column titled Confessions of a Book Club Leader. If you’re considering starting a book club, you’ll want to check out this column.

ACFW Publicity Officer, Angie Breidenbach, writes a column titled What’s with All the Change? Find out more details by reading the ACFW Happenings column.

Gotta Get It? columnist and agent, Kelly Mortimer, focuses on the Pro Tagonist in fiction in the October issue. Kelly’s sense of humor is classic Kelly and sure to make you smile while she teaches you something about writing.

What’s going on in the world of Christian fiction? Heard It Through Hartline columnist and agent Diana Flegal shares the latest news in the publishing industry.

Editor Adele Annesi shares editorial wisdom in her column Word for Words. The title of her October article is The Image of Grace: Editing as a Discipline. If you plan to become published, you’ll want to bookmark this page.

Multipublished author Loree Lough has her own advice column titled Loree’s Lough Down. Her next article is another creative one titled Writing, God’s Secret Weapon?

Youth pastor and columnist David Meigs of Life-Transforming Fiction interviews an author he believes gives readers a life-transforming message in her stories. Michelle Sutton (this Editor in Chief) is the featured author interview for October. What makes one book more powerful than the next? Read the interview to find out more about the author behind her books.

Our Write Real columnist, Mary DeMuth, offers some wisdom in her article titled Why Christ Followers Should Read Fiction, Part 1. Mary always gives sound advice every author can benefit from.

Nancy Moser provides more spiritual encouragement in her Devotional Column titled A Leaf in the Forest. Everything Nancy writes for CFOM is incredibly inspirational, and this one is no exception.

Next month, Box Office or Book Store columnist, Sarah Salter, critiques Facing the Giants, a novel, which is also a movie produced by the same people who gave us Fireproof. The column focuses on which media is better: the book or the movie? Sarah will analyze them both and share her thoughts.

Rachel Hauck shares more sage wisdom in her series on social networking called Faces, Tweets, and Spaces. October’s column is titled Is MySpace Worth It?

Our Quantum Marketing columnist and expert marketing guru, Jim Rubart, discusses How to Write Web Site Copy. His insight blows my mind. It’ll impress you too.

Our YA columnist, Jill Williamson, writes All About YA. Her October column is titled Thrillers and Chillers! She discusses thriller trends in CBA fiction. Sounds good to me.

Talented screenplay writer Caroline Friday reviews various novels every month. Her column focuses on why the title chosen that month should be Made for Movies. October’s column spotlights Blue Hole Back Home by Joy Jordan Lake.

Last, in Screenwriting 101, writer/director CJ Powers adds another installment titled Drive the Plot with Jeopardy When the Audience Cares. He states that putting the protagonist in jeopardy only works if the audience can relate to the experiences or it is clearly defined in the form or survival, safety/security, love/belonging, self-esteem, curiosity, life’s order, or self-expression. But if the audience doesn’t care about the protagonist, raising the stakes can’t drive the plot. CJ shares how to connect the story with the audience through seven universal types of high stakes that can be visualized on the screen.

Our October guest columnists should delight readers as well:

Sandy McWhorter is our Multicultural Fiction columnist for October. Make sure to stop by and see what she has to say about the subject.

Pastor Dan Walsh works full time in the ministry but still finds time to write and meet his deadlines. Find out how he manages in Author by Night.

Sharon Dunn is the featured Mysteries author for the Genre Happenings column. She discusses what mysteries must contain and why she loves to write that genre.

In For Writers Only, our columnist Pam Meyers discusses perseverance in a article titled When Is Enough? You can learn a lot from other writers, and Pam knows what she is talking about! Read her column for some fresh words of encouragement.

Reviewer’s Corner for October features Historical Fiction. This column spotlights enthusiastic book reviewer and Sips ’n’ Cups Café blogger Peg Phifer.

Tommie Lyn is our featured POD/Self-Publishing columnist for the October issue. She discusses her experiences and recent successes. So stop by to find out more about Tommie, her experiences as an author, and her books.

CFOM’ s Book Videos featured columnist is Jill Williamson, who will talk about her book video and how she made hers. What talent this gal has! You’ll love watching it over and over.

Publisher’s Corner introduces David C. Cook’s editor Don Pape. He shares Cook’s vision for publishing Christian fiction and discusses future plans for their house.

Meet the Hartline Agents is the featured agency for October’s Agent Corner. Come meet Hartline agents and find out more about their experiences and pet peeves working as literary agents in the industry.

This October, Campbell Public Relations is the columnist for Publicity: Everyone Needs It. Want to know how this woman manages her publicity business? Read this column and find out.

Our Fiction International column is permanently retiring. It was fun while it lasted but honestly, we’ve run out of columnists to deal with this subject. We hoped you enjoyed it.

Our CFBA Blog Tour blog winner for September is unveiled in the October issue. Although there are many great reviews and blogs to choose from, each month the editor’s challenge is to find the best in the bunch.

Our Spine Chiller Thriller columnist for October is Craig Parshall. He writes legal thrillers for Harvest House. If you want to know where he gets his inspiration to write such compelling stories, you’ll want to read this column.

Last, our Short Stories column features two entertaining tales. Blind Hope is written by NY Times best-selling author Cindy Woodsmall. The other short is the third and last installment of Stinky Switcheroo by Christa Banister. Both of these shorts are engaging and sure to make you smile.

That’s it for the October issue. Come back every month and check out our latest columns.

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