Cindy DiTiberio

Cynthia DiTiberio is an editor for Avon Inspire. She also acquires nonfiction titles for HarperOne, the religious and spiritual division of HarperCollins Publishers, based in San Franscisco and works with authors such as Philip Gulley, Gregory Lang, Jeffrey Marx, Arielle Ford, Gerald Schroeder, and Antony Flew. Originally from St. Louis , Missouri, Cindy moved out to California after graduating with a religion degree from Wake Forest University. She worked at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in college ministry before moving into the publishing industry.

Avon Inspire

Avon Inspire was launched in the summer of 2007 to help bring a new level of readership to some of your favorite faith fiction authors. For many years, Christian fiction was a staple for Christian publishing houses, but was completely absent in the general market publisher. Fortunately, the success of Jan Karon’s Mitford books and the Left Behind series made these publishers take note. There was a huge audience for faith-based fiction that they were not reaching. Thus Avon Inspire was born.

Avon Books has been publishing award winning books since 1941. It is recognized for having pioneered the historical romance category and continues to bring the best of commercial literature to the broadest possible audience. With the launch of Avon Inspire, it finally has something for every woman reader.

With my experience in the religious and spiritual publishing world at HarperOne, I was asked to join Avon and help spearhead this new line. What a privilege. I approached some of my favorite authors to join us in this venture. And amazingly a number of them were willing to try something new. Without the guidelines required by some Christian houses, we are able to allow our authors to write the story as it comes to them, while still always keeping in mind the Christian reader. We publish both contemporary and historical romance by some of the top authors in the field. For example, if you’re in the mood for a light, fun novel that still tackles issues of how to have faith when life has taken you to a place you never expected, try Kristin Billerbeck’s THE TROPHY WIVES CLUB. It tells Haley’s story, who was the consummate trophy wife until her husband traded her in for a newer model. The Trophy Wives Club is an unlikely Bible study group that helps her discover her true worth. Kristin’s newest release, BACK TO LIFE, tells the story of another in the Trophy Wives Club.

We were very proud to launch the line with one of the most riveting historical writers out there, Tracey Bateman. The last

book in her Westward Heart series, DANGEROUS HEART, goes on sale October 14, but you won’t want to miss books one and two, DEFIANT HEART and DISTANT HEART. In fact, get all three, and you’ll have a weekends worth of reading (Tracey’s books you just cannot put down. To me as an editor, that is the ultimate accomplishment).

While for the most part we’ve been publishing well-established authors, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try something in the most unique category in the inspirational market, the Amish romance. When Shelley Shepard Gray’s proposal for her Sisters of the Heart series came across my desk, I knew it would find a wide readership. HIDDEN, the first book in the series, came out this summer and we keep getting bombarded with demands for book two, out in January. Most readers don’t want to wait that long!

We have much more: a 3-in-1 edition of Lyn Cote’s Blessed Assurance series, DiAnn Mills’ book AWAKEN MY HEART (what she calls her “Zoro” book – and it lives up to the moniker), Linda Windsor’s wonderfully relatable story of four best friends in WEDDING BELL BLUES and FOR PETE’S SAKE, Lori Copeland’s TWICE LOVED, and coming soon, Lyn Cote’s new Texas historical series starting with THE DESIRES OF HER HEART, and Debra White Smith’s contemporary romantic suspense, the Lone Star Intrigue series.

There’s a theme here. These are authors that know their craft. As an editor, it is such a joy as each new manuscript comes across my desk and I get the chance to help create stories that entertain but also inspire. The theme throughout each of our novels, whether historical or contemporary, is that life is too complicated to live on your own. By leaning on your faith and family (whether it’s the family you were born with or the community you create for yourself), you will never feel alone. We hope our books are companions along the way.